viernes, 10 de junio de 2011

Quick google search:

are pidgeons trying to take over the world?

actually...there are lots of answers on the internet about ive gathered the most relevant ones

yahoo answers:

no there are no such things as pigeons,they are rats in fancy dress which they use as a disguise to come among us in day light hours, and yes they are taking over the world for every human their are 9 rats in the world, our time is short.

another theory is that they are trying to extinct the entire human releasing their wastes on little children while they are playing on that way children get sick..die..and older people cease to have any hope for having new offspring. (just like "children of men" but...with birds as a cause..)
finally theres this place :


jueves, 9 de junio de 2011

fuck yeahhh

Quick Google Search:

how to survive the attack of a velociraptor

yahoo answer:

sorry mate, you're **** out of luck.

Velocirpators are deadly.

I suggest carrying a Calculus book, although Velociraptors are smart enough to do many of the problems, that still will buy you 2 minutes.

Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT, try to run, Velociraptors have hoverboards, I bullshit you not.

And just because I did say try math, DO NOT try to outsmart a Velociraptor, because sometimes they can kill you by thought. They use their thoughts to paralyze you, and wham, there goes your neck, and your left abdomen.

Any real suggestions would be, wear a scarf. Particularly a nice one.

Ideally, carry a super soaker filled with grape juice. They find this delicious drink repulsive and you'll be able to combat your own dehydration if you get stuck on a roof top. Doors only slow them down so much.